027786 Ultra Disposable Scalp Needle Electrode, 30G, 40/pkg

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SKU:  027786
027786 Ultra Disposable Stainless Steel Scalp Needle Electrode

  • Designed for recording potentials from muscles and nerves
  • Stainless steel needle with conical-shaped tip
  • Pre-sterilized

Needle Length: 0.4” (10 mm)
Needle Diameter: 0.30 mm (30 G)
Electrode End: 0.7 mm male touchproof
Packaged: 40/pkg

Cable required:
9013C0112 HUSH Shielded Electrode Cable, 2x, 39" length 
9013C0122 HUSH Shielded Electrode Cable, 2x, 79" length
9013C0132 HUSH Shielded Electrode Cable, 3x, 39" length
9013C0142 HUSH Shielded Electrode Cable, 3x, 79" length
9013C0152 Unshielded Electrode Cables, 32" length
9013C0242 Unshielded Electrode Cables, 79" length 

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