026514 Nonin Disposable PureLight Cloth Sensors, Pediatric, 3' (1m) cable, 24/box

Price: $385.00
026514 Nonin 6000CP Disposable PureLight Cloth Sensors, Pediatric, 3' (1 m) cable, 24/box

  • PureLight® technology and PureSAT® signal processing provide consistent results from patient to patient and sensor to sensor, even with low perfusion
  • Ideal for extended monitoring or situations where the risk of cross-contamination is high
  • Stretchable cloth material accommodates hard-to-fit patients such as infants and neonates
  • Adhesive, tear-resistant cloth is designed for easy and secure placement, as well as frequent repositioning

Patient Range: >22 lb (10 kg)
Preferred Application: Index, middle or ring fingers

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