636060NE Ultima Dual Pressure Flow/Snore Sensor

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SKU:  636060NE
636060NE Ultima™ Dual Pressure Flow/Snore Sensor
  • Up to 6 outputs: Raw airflow, filtered airflow and snoring
  • Record nasal and oral flow on separate channels
  • Variable gain and baseline settings
  • CPAP-compatible; Auto-off
  • Complies with guidelines for hypopnea detection
  • Uses rechargeable or disposable AA batteries
  • Kit includes: 
    • Sensor interface, 
    • 2 cables: 12” (30.5cm) 2-pin key to 1.5mm touchproof connector, 12” (30.5cm) keyhole connectors to 3.5mm female phone connector
    • 4 cannulas: 2 Adult micro nasal Luer Lock cannula with filter, 2 Nasal & oral Luer Lock cannula with filter
1 kit/pkg

Compatibility: Most PSG systems via various connectors

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